Frontier of Dawn
La Frontière de l'aube Director: Philippe Garrel

Carole, a celebrity neglected by her husband, falls for Franēois, a young photographer. Returning from a business trip the husband surprises them, and the lovers have to end their relationship. Carole gradually drifts into madness and commits suicide.

One year later, a few hours before his wedding, Franēois has a vision. It's Carole, calling him from the other world.

"While I was writing it, the film was called "Heaven of the Angels", an expression I found in "Blanche ou l'oubli" by Louis Aragon. I liked it a lot, but I was put off by the neo-Catholic side. And one night, at four in the morning, I came up with FRONTIER OF DAWN, which evoked both the suicide and the ghost themes. I made the film with this title in mind, and it gave me the key to each scene."

Philippe Garrel, director

Festivals and awards: Cannes (in competition), Melbourne, San Sebastian, Vienna
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Programme: Forum

Country: France, Italy
Year: 2007
Length: 106
Language: French
Producer: Edouard Weil
Screenplay: Philippe Garrel, Marc Cholodenko, Arlette Langmann
Director: Philippe Garrel
Cinematography: William Lubtchansky
Music: Jean-Claude Vannier, Didier Lockwood
Editor: Yann Dedet

Cast: Louis Garrel, Laura Smet, Clémentine Poidatz, Emmanuel Broche, Olivier Massart

Producer: Rectangle Productions

Philippe Garrel

Philippe Garrel (b. 1948, Paris, France) started his film career early directing and writing his first film "Les Enfants Désaccordés" in 1964. In 1982, Garrel won the Prix Jean Vigo for the film "L'Enfant Secret". Over a ten year period, Garrel enjoyed a good run of critical recognition at the Venice Film Festival. In 1991, he won a Silver Lion for his film "J'entends Plus la Guitare". "Le Vent de la Nuit" was nominated for a Golden Lion in 1999. His 2005 film "Les Amants Réguliers" won him the Silver Lion, for Best Director. FRONTIER OF DAWN is his twentieth feature.

valik/selected: Marie pour mémoire (1968), Le révélateur (1968), L'enfant secret (1979), Liberté, la nuit (1983), Les baisers de secours (1988), J'entend plus la guitare (1990), Le vent de la nuit (1998), Sauvage innocence (2001), Les amants réguliers (Regular Lovers, 2004), La frontiere de l'aube (Frontier of Dawn, 2008)

Saturday, 29. November 23:00
Sõprus (English subtitles)
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Sunday, 07. December 23:00
Sõprus (English subtitles)
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