Mao Tse Tung
Mao Ce Dun Director: Besnik Bisha

MAO TSE TUNG is a bizarre Balkan comedy which depicts a typical totalitarian society and absurd that tends to proliferate in such kind of environments. The source of the comedy is life in 1970 Albania as perceived by Roma community leader Hekuran Romalini.

The citizens of a small southern town are disconcerted by a disruptive gypsy camp by the river. In the interest of averting conflict with the local authorities, Hekuran decides to name his ninth child after one of Albania's current allies - the Great Helmsman Mao.

Armed with propagandistic phraseology, the illiterate but sly fox Hekuran gets his way by appealing to the highest of the powers that be, the Chinese embassy among them, thus spinning an unbelievable, kaleidoscopic configuration of public figures and Romanies, whom he mobilises to sing revolutionary songs and movingly recite slogans from Mao's celebrated "Little Red Book"

The author of the novel upon which this witty political metaphor is based is the well-known Albanian poet, novelist, essayist and diplomat Besnik Mustafaj.

Tõnis Leht

Festivals and awards: Sofia, Karlovy Vary, Moscow

Programme: Special programme on human rights "Human, for real"

Country: Albania
Year: 2007
Length: 90
Language: Albanian
Producer: Besnik Bisha
Screenplay: Besnik Mustafaj
Director: Besnik Bisha
Cinematography: Nino Celeste
Music: Fatos Qerimaj
Editor: Nino Celeste

Cast: Fadil Hasa, Miola Sitaj, Ola Sadiku, Marko Bitraku, Vangjel Toce

Producer: B&G Filmpro

Besnik Bisha

Besnik Bisha (b. 1958, Tirana, Albania) started out as an assistant director in the National Film Studio in 1981 and later made a number of documentaries and feature films that garnered a great deal of interest, particularly "A Mother's Heart" (1992), "Bolero" (1996) and the documentary "Kosovo 99" (1999). In 2002 Bisha held the office of general director of the studio Alba Film and was later appointed professor of drama at the Academy of the Arts in Tirana. The comedy MAO TSE TUNG is his latest feature film.

Zemra e nenes (A Mother's Heart, 1992), Bolero (1996), Kosovo 99 (1999, doc), Mao Ce Dun (Mao Tse-tung, 2007)

Saturday, 29. November 18:00
Kino Rubiin (Estonian subtitles)
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Monday, 01. December 20:00
Athena Keskus (Estonian and French subtitles)
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Wednesday, 03. December 19:00
Kinomaja (Estonian subtitles)
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