7 Days
Sebeun Deijeu Director: Won Sin-yeon

Ji-yeon is a successful lawyer and single mother to a seven-year-old girl. On her daughter's field day, Ji-yeon competes with other parents in a running race and almost comes in the first place. However, nowhere could she find the girl who's been watching and rooting for her mother to win. Later that day, Ji-yeon's receives a phone call from an anonymous man, who tells her he has her daughter in custody and proposes a deal. To see her daughter alive, Ji-yeon needs to prove a convicted murderer not guilty on his second trial, only within a week. Ji-yeon tries to convince herself the murderer should be innocent, but the encounter with the victim's mother makes her understand what drove crime-to-crime.

"Gritty, complex, stylish and bursting with nervous energy, 7 DAYS showcases the presence and precision of its star, Kim Yun-jin. Fans of the hit television series "Lost" will immediately recognize her as the long-suffering Sun. Those who've followed the rise of the Korean cinema industry, however, will remember the Seoul-born but New York-raised actress from before that - debuting in the blockbuster "Swiri".

Rupert Bottenberg, Fantasy Film Festival

Festivals and awards: Fantasia Film Festival

Programme: Eastern Sunrise

Country: South Korea
Year: 2007
Length: 125
Language: Korean
Producer: Lim Chung-gun
Screenplay: Yun Je-gu
Director: Won Sin-yeon
Cinematography: Yeong-hwan Choi
Music: Jun-seong Kim
Editor: Min-kyeong Shin

Cast: Yunjin Kim, Kim Mi-suk, Park Hie-sun

Producer: Prime Entertainment

Won Sin-yeon

Won Sin-yeon (b. 1969, South Korea) made a successful debut with his short film "Bread and Milk," which won Best Picture in the 2003 Korea Film Awards. He made directorial debut with "The Wig" in 2005. 7 DAYS is his third feature.

Gabal (The Wig, 2005), Guta-yubalja-deul (A Bloody Aria, 2006), Sebeun Deijeu (Seven Days, 2007)

Wednesday, 03. December 23:00
Kinomaja (Estonian and English subtitles)
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Friday, 05. December 23:59
Kosmos I (English subtitles)
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Sunday, 07. December 17:00
Kosmos I (Estonian subtitles)
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