Besieged City
Wai sing Director: Lawrence Lau

Lawrence Lau (aka Lawrence Ah Mon) is without a doubt one of Hong Kong's best and most under-appreciated directors, specializing in gutter-trawling tales of down-and-out youth frittering their lives away in an endless orgy of petty crime and street hustles.
His newest film is BESIEGED CITY about kids going berserk in the Tin Shui Wai housing development, one of the towns built out in the middle of the New Territories that wound up becoming traps for their residents as much as they provided affordable housing.

Festivals and awards: Hong Kong

Programme: Just Film: youth films

Country: China, Hong Kong
Year: 2008
Length: 97
Language: Cantonese
Producer: Dennis Chan
Screenplay: Chucky Kom, Tak-shun Leung, Frankie Tam
Director: Lawrence Lau
Cinematography: Gavin Liew
Music: Gavin Liew
Editor: Gavin Liew

Cast: Pou-Soi Cheang, Joman Chiang, Yat-sing Lee, Tak-po Tang, Hau-yan Wong

Producer: BIG Pictures

Lawrence Lau

Lawrence Ah Mon (b. 1949, Pretoria, South Africa) has always been an outsider in Hong Kong, bringing an anthropological gaze to his films. In 1988 he directed his first film, "Gangs", a docudrama about kiddie gangs, filmed with non-actors improvising their way through a story outline by Ah Mon and it was a breath of fresh air in a film industry. Next up was his mother-daughter classic, "Queen of Temple Street", in 1990, after which he proceeded to make a movie a year until 1995 at which time he went into feature film hibernation until "Spacked Out", directed under the name Lawrence Lau, in 2000.

valik/selected: Tong dang (Gangs, 1988), Miao jie huang hou (Queen of Temple Street, 1990), Mo yan ka sai (Spacked Out, 2000), Wai sing (Besieged City, 2008), Mou ye chi sing (City Without Baseball, 2008), Dan dao (Ballistic, 2008)

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Kosmos II (Estonian, Russian and English subtitles)
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Tuesday, 02. December 18:00
Valga Kultuuri- ja Huvialakeskus (Estonian subtitles)
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