A Perfect Day
Un Giorno Perfetto Director: Ferzan Özpetek

Emma and Antonio, married with two children, have been separated for nearly a year. Antonio is living alone in the house where he used to live with his wife, while Emma has gone back to her mother, taking the children with her. Then, one night, a flying squad is called to the palazzo and the police burst into the apartment where gunshots have been heard.

In a rapid succession of events, A PERFECT DAY describes the twenty-four hours before this moment, the simple but "unique" life of a group of people who are shadowed every step they take. Camilla turns seven, her brother Aris is sitting an exam at university, Emma loses her job in a callcenter, her daughter Valentina meets a boy she likes, the honorable Elio Fioravanti is doing the round of election rallies, Maja, his beautiful wife finds out she is pregnant, young Kevin is invited to an extravagant party, the teacher, Mara, is meeting her lover and Antonio sees his wife for the last time. The stories interweave on the great stage of a frenetic, disquieting Rome that seems to be heading towards tragedy, although the slightest gesture, just one word, would be enough to change the path of destiny.

A PERFECT DAY describes a passionate love, separating and uniting Emma and Antonio - with irony, emotion and compassion. It portrays worlds diverse and distant, that then meet, as if in an unrelenting thriller.

Festivals and awards: Venice, Toronto, London
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Country: Italy
Year: 2008
Length: 105
Language: Italian
Producer: Domenico Procacci
Screenplay: Sandro Petraglia, Ferzan Ozpetek
Director: Ferzan Özpetek
Cinematography: Fabio Zamarion
Music: Andrea Guerra
Editor: Patrizio Marone

Cast: Valerio Mastandrea, Isabello Ferrari, Stefania Sandrelli, Valerio Binasco, Monica Guerritore

Producer: Fandango srl/Rai Cinema

Ferzan Özpetek

Ferzan Ozpetek (b. 1959, Istanbul, Turkey) studied the history of cinema at La Sapienza University in Rome. He also attended the Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica "Silvio D'Amico" in Rome before working as an assistant director. In 1997 he debuted with the film TURKISH BATH, which was screened at Cannes in the section Directors' Fortnight and enjoyed critical acclaim both in Italy and abroad. His following films "Ignorant Fairies" (2001), "Facing Windows" (2003) and "Saturno Contro" (2007) have all been successful at international festivals and have been screened at PÖFF. THE PERFECT DAY premiered this year in Venice film festival.

Hamam (Turkish Bath, 1997, Türgi saun, PÖFF 2008), Harem suare (1999), Le fate ignoranti (2001, Tema varjatud elu, PÖFF 2002), La finestra di fronte (2003, Vastasaknad, PÖFF 2004), Cuore sacro (Sacred Heart, 2005), Saturno Contro (PÖFF 2007), Un giorno perfetto (Täiuslik päev, PÖFF 2008)

Friday, 28. November 22:30
Cinamon PÖFF I (English subtitles)
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Tuesday, 02. December 22:30
Kosmos II (English subtitles)
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