Aljosha Director: Meelis Muhu

Most monuments erected during the Soviet regime were taken away after Estonia regained its independence in 1991. The Bronze Soldier Alyosha, located in the centre of Tallinn, remained in its place. For Estonian nationalists this monument was the symbol for Soviet occupation and marked the beginning of Stalinist repressions. However, for many Russians the monument was one of the few remaning symbols that connected them to Russia and Russian identity.

Documentary Alyosha brings us the people who gathered to the Bronze Soldier in 2005-2007 and whose behaviour created a new line in our cultural memory. What mattered were the rituals around the monument, not the monument itself. Differences of opinion about history resulted in tragic conflicts and relocating the monument.

Festivals and awards: Cronograf


Programme: Tridens Baltic feature film competition

Country: Estonia
Year: 2008
Length: 67
Language: Estonian
Producer: Meelis Muhu
Screenplay: Meelis Muhu
Director: Meelis Muhu
Cinematography: Erik Norkroos
Music: Kersti Miilen, Meelis Muhu
Editor: Kersti Miilen, Meelis Muhu
Producer: InRuum

Meelis Muhu

Meelis Muhu (b. 1972, Paide, Estonia) studied in Tallinn Pedagogical University (1992-1996). Since 2003 he is working as the adviser of cinema in the Ministry of Culture. He is also producer, writer and director. ALYOSHA is his third full-length documentary.

Kinobuss tuleb (By the Bus, 2004, doc), Osta elevant (Buy the Elephant, 2005, doc), Aljoša (Alyosha, doc)

Wednesday, 03. December 15:30
Kinomaja (English subtitles)
Guest: Director Meelis Muhu
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