Small Mountain
Heidin Director: Einar Thor

It is Election Day in a quiet seaside village and Emil, a local handyman, is entrusted to take the sealed ballot box to the local airport to be flown to the city for counting. As he starts his journey Emil finds himself resolving a dispute between two young boys over a bicycle and a sister´s promise to sing a song. Unbeknownst to Emil, his son Albert, a broody young man, has returned to the village for a confrontation about their fractured relationship.

SMALL MOUNTAIN is a highly appealing blend of stunning Icelandic locations, great characters, quirky comedy, with an undertone of sadness and menace. The latter is supplied by Emil's son Albert, an enigmatic and seemingly out-of-control young man who has apparently returned to this community to get back at his father.

Haugesund Film Festival

Festivals and awards: Haugesund, Mannheim-Heidelberg

Programme: Nordic Lights

Country: Iceland
Year: 2008
Length: 96
Language: Icelandic
Producer: Einar Thor Gunnlaugsson
Screenplay: Einar Thor Gunnlaugsson
Director: Einar Thor
Cinematography: Sigurdur Sverrir Palsson
Music: Danny Chang
Editor: Einar Thor Gunnlaugsson

Cast: Johann Sigurdarson, Gisli P. Hinriksson, Gudrun Gisladottir, Olafur S.K Thorvaldz, Isgerdur E. Gunnarsdottir

Producer: Passport Pictures

Einar Thor

Einar Thorn (b. 1964) graduated from the London Film School in 1992 where he studied directing. He has also studied mass media theory and Spanish at the universities in Iceland and Spain. SMALL MOUNTAIN is
his second feature film.

Villiljós (Dramarama 2001, co-dir), Dridja nafni (The Third Name, 2003), Heidin (Small Mountain, 2008)

Saturday, 29. November 14:00
Kosmos II (English subtitles)
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Monday, 01. December 16:00
Athena Keskus (English subtitles)
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Saturday, 06. December 16:30
Kinomaja (English subtitles)
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