Amatieris Director: Janis Nords

For Victor, a bright but bored journalism student, the summer comes with bad news - his girlfriend Yvette is leaving for art school in Amsterdam. Victor desperately wants to go with her to live the bohemian life, but he has just three months to raise some money. He turns to a dangerous business to fulfil his dream.

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Programme: Tridens Baltic feature film competition

Country: Latvia
Year: 2008
Length: 85
Language: Latvian
Producer: Julia Pasnaka
Screenplay: Janis Nords
Director: Janis Nords
Cinematography: Aadel Nodeh Farahani
Music: Alexis Bennett
Editor: Janis Nords

Cast: Edgars Samitis, Ksenija Sundejeva, Regina Razuma, Gastons Neimanis

Producer: Red Cats Film Studio

Janis Nords

Amatieris (Amateur, 2008)

Wednesday, 03. December 17:00
Kinomaja (English subtitles)
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