Good Dick
Good Dick Director: Marianna Palka

Triple threat Marianna Palka (she wrote, directed and stars in the film) won the Best New Director Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival for this fierce and funny chronicle of a woman's obsession with a younger man.

The two meet when Palka rents some porn DVDs from a video clerk at a specialty video store. The clerk, is immediately smitten with Palka. He follows her to her apartment and looks into her window while she pleasures herself in full view of the young man. This begins a somewhat sado-masochistic relationship, with the older woman gets both of their juices flowing with constant put-downs and humiliations from her rather nasty mouth. She allows him to sleep on her couch, then in her bed but never allows him to touch her. As their relationship develops and deepens, her inner life of pain and possible incest on the part of her father have turned him into the emotional wreck that she has become who keeps her distance from any kind of intimacy.

The film is claustrophobically set in the woman's
cluttered apartment, with occasional drifts into the
video store, where the young man regales his coworkers
with stories of sexual adventure and kinky fun. Palka, in her feature film debut, offers a feminist view of a woman in control of her life and sexuality, who can treat men in the same callous manner that she has been treated in the past. However, the young man's sincere love and adoration eventually does break down her resistance and the possibility becomes tangible that this is indeed a relationship with a future. Palka gives a scathing performance that is matched by the young actor Jason Ritter, whose hunger for intimacy and acceptance becomes the emotional core of this provocative and controversial film. The fact that the two are a couple in real life only adds to the intrigue.

Festivals and awards: Sundance, Newport Beach
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Programme: Crazy Cool: North American Indies

Country: USA
Year: 2008
Length: 86
Language: English
Producer: Jennifer Dubin, Cora Olson, Marianna Palka, Jason Ritter
Screenplay: Marianna Palka
Director: Marianna Palka
Cinematography: Andre Lascaris
Music: Jared Nelson Smith
Editor: Christopher Kroll

Cast: Marianna Palka, Jason Ritter, Eric Edelstein, Martin Starr, Mark Webber

Producer: Good Dick/Morning Knight/Present Pictures

Marianna Palka

Marianna Palka (b.1981, Glasgow, Scotland) directed
short films already in her teens. At 17, she moved to NewYork to study with the Atlantic Theater Company, where she directed various works for the stage from 1999 to 2001. A photographer, actress, writer, and director, Palka currently lives in Los Angeles. She is cofounder of the production company Morning Knight. GOOD DICK is her first ficton feature.

Good Dick (2008)

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