Animated Dreams invites to lecture programme Keyframes

On two days, 21-22 November, those interested in animation, new media and contemporary visual culture have a great opportunity to meet the professionals in these fields in person in Von Krahl Theatre. Internationally acknowledged artists and film makers have been brought together by Animated Dreams under the name Keyframes in order to give a brief overview of the multiple uses of the medium in different creative industries via lectures, screenings and discussions. 
Lectures are held in English and are free of charge. 

FRIDAY 21 November
Von Krahl Theatre small hall
12:00 Lecture by Max Hattler & Noriko Okaku
14:00 Lecture by Marko Mäetamm
16:00 Lecture by Christopher Hopewell

SATURDAY 22 November
Von Krahl Theatre large hall 14:00 Lecture by Alexander Lentjes
16:00 Stereoscopic cinema
17:00 Stereoscopic cinema 

In addition to that one can be part of an direct stereoscopical experience – a special stereo cinema will be installed in the big hall of Von Krahl Theatre and several stereoscopical animations will be screened from both Estonia and abroad.

prg. mart kalmo