PÖFF Film School

1-5 December
Nordic Hotel Forum conference centre

PÖFF Film school lectures are suitable for those who get their first insight into film making, for film and media students, as well as for young professionals. The themes cover dramaturgy, scriptwriting, low-budget filmmaking and of course film directing. Well-known specialists in their field share their knowledge. Some seminars and panels are organised in cooperation with Baltic Event.


Monday, 1.12 10:00 Lecture: Martin Maryska
13:00 Lecture: Nana Djordjadze and Irakli Kvirikadze

Tuesday, 2.12 
10:00 Lecture: Jos Stelling
11:30 Lecture: Digital Film Finland & Finnlab
16:30–18:00 Screen Presents: European co-production - To and from the Baltics 

Wednesday, 3.12 
10:00 – 15:00 Industry Day panel: BE on Demand – VOD the future?
15:00 Screent Presents: Recent artistic development in Baltic film 

Thursday, 4.12 10:00 Seminar about filmcritisism: Yoram Allon, Virginie Sélavy, Catherine Wheatley, Richard Porton
13:00 Lecture: Jörg. E Schweizer 

Friday, 5.12 
10:00–13.00 Lecture: Brian Yuzna
13:00–14:00 Human Rights special: Discuccion with Ted Braun
14:00–18:00 Seminar about Human Rights. Still Human: Central-Asia 


Lecture: Martin Maryska 
Born in Prague, Martin Maryska started his career in Czech theatre. He studied art and film in Switzerland and in California which ultimately lead to Hollywood, where he worked on over fifty feature films with directors such as David Lynch, Robert Altman and the late John Schlesinger. Even that sound design is Martin Maryska’s ‘bread and butter’ profession, his credits also includes writing, script consulting and producing. 

 Nana Djordjadze and Irakli Kvirikadze
Nana Djordjadze and Irakli Kvirikadze are Georgian filmmakers; their latest film "Rainbowmaker" is screened at this year’s PÖFF. Nana Djordjadze is the author of several awarded short films, feature films, documentaries and TV-series (Lermontov, 2006). Estonian audiences should be well acquainted with her features “Robinsonada or My English Grandfather” (1986) and “A Chef in Love” (1997) starring Pierre Richard. Since 1987 she has been jury member in many international film festivals. Her TV-feature “Help Me on Up the Elbrus” (1981) and documentary “A Little about Georgia” (1993) has been banned for political reasons.

Lecture: Jos Stelling
Jos Stelling, as an autodidact, made his debut as a film director in 1974 with “Mariken van Nieumegen” which was selected for the official Cannes competition as first Dutch film. Stelling is well known for his three Erotic Tales (The Waitingroom, The Gas Station and The Gallery). In the past year Jos Stelling has presented master classes in Moscow, Kiev, Uherske Hradiste (Czech), Zwierzyniec (Poland) and St Petersburg. His latest film "Duska" is screened at this year’s PÖFF.

Digital Film Finland & Finnlab
How digitalization is affecting filmmaking?
During the last couple of years many new digital cameras and formats have been introduced to feature film market. At the same time movie theathers have started installing first digital cinema projectors. Even though film has been the major capture and distribution format of feature films the post production process has been digital for years already. We take a look at how turning film making fully digital might change the industry and share our experiences working with digital data in feature films.

Baltic Event Panels
Screen Presents: European co-production - To and from the Baltics 


Baltic Event panel
Industry Day panel: BE on Demand – VOD the future?
Baltic Event panel
Screen Presents: Recent artistic development in Baltic film


Seminar about filmcritisism:
Yoram Allon, Virginie Sélavy, Catherine Wheatley, Richard Porton 

Lecture: Jörg E. Schweizer
Prof. Jörg Schweizer has completed his MA studies on Political Sciences and History at Stuttgart University in 1998 and entered the Corporate Communications Division of the BMW AG the same year. He has worked as spokesperson for TV and Photo for Rover Ltd. and BMW AG. Since 2003 he is the Manager for Product Placement and Film/AV Media at BMW Group, concerning BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce. In 2006 he began the Professorship for Corporate Communications at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida in Germany.
The main issues of the lecture: Introduction to the Product Placement Strategies of the BMW Group. Overview of the latest developments in Product Placement, including the controversy on the proposed amendments of the EU directive “The modernisation of the Television without Frontiers”.


Brian Yuzna
is one of the founders of the modern genre of fantasy/horror film as well as actor, screenwriter, producer and director. He has won several prizes at horror film festivals with his films like "Return of the Living Dead III", "Faust: Love of the Damned", "The Dentist". He has produced films like "Dagon" (dir. Stuart Gordon), "Darkness” (dir. Jaume Balgueró), "Romasonta" (dir. Paco Plaza) etc. 

Human Rights special:
Discuccion with Ted Braun (director of "Darfur Now")

Movies are a powerful medium and can be used on different purposes. Movies can make you believe things that are unreal, but also those that only seem unreal. This means that it can be used to advocate on topics that otherwise are hidden, kept silent about. This is what happened with "Darfur Now", a documentary that is dedicated to those that are dedicated raising awareness of genocide in Darfur. With this great documentary Ted Braun became one of those that made the change in Sudan possible.

Human Rights seminar "Human, for Real: Focus on Central-Asia" 

Single ticket 50 kroons can be bought from Piletilevi or 30 minutes before the beginning of lecture.

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