NATO Association presents: Seminar "Silk Road Hot Spots" 

2 December at 11:00–16:00
Nordic Hotel Forum's conference centre

Main aim of the seminar is create a public discussion around the Afghan situation and developments that could also be interesting to the general population. Although since 2004 Afghanistan has been a key issue for many international organisations (NATO, Red Cross, etc) and states, the general population lacks information about the country and its culture. 

The workshop will focus not only on the traditional political perspective but also on Afghanistan history, religion and culture. Speakers, both domestic and international, will not be only politicians and experts, but mainly journalists and cultural/religion experts. Through history, religion and culture of Afghanistan it may be easier for us to understand the presence of Estonian soldiers there and the reality they face day in day out. 

The topics of the discussion will be:
1) Afghan developments today: religion, historic traditions and
economic situation;
2) Nation building in Afghanistan: problems and challenges;
3) Media and film role in conflict and crises management. 

Workshop is open to all participants and is organised in cooperation with Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association, Canadian Embassy in Estonia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and NATO Headquarters.

prg. mart kalmo