A Song of Good
A Song of Good Director: Gregory King

The story of a sensitive young man without prospects in an outer suburb of a random New Zealand town. Gary has sunk down in a pool of drugs, violence and superficial sex. One day, after breaking in to his neighbour's house and raping her to his own horror, he decides to change his life for the better. That isn't easy in a superficially completely indifferent family, with a circle of friends who can't think any further than the next intoxicating party, and in the company of dealers who aren't interested in good resolutions. Black humour and a lack of sentimentality ensure a striking social commentary brimming with universal themes. A pinch of irony helps the film to avoid acquiring the tone of an easy social indictment.

A SONG OF GOOD is a gritty and moving story of a desperate young man with few resources and even fewer options. Determined that things will only get better if he takes control of his life despite the odds against him, Gary discovers that deciding to change a life is one thing. Changing it is another.

Production Notes

Festivals and awards: Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Montreal, Warsawa
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Programme: Forum

Country: New Zealand
Year: 2008
Length: 82
Language: English
Producer: Mark Foster
Screenplay: Gregory King
Director: Gregory King
Cinematography: Virginia Loane
Music: Dylan Wood
Editor: Jonathan Venz

Cast: Gareth Reeves, Ian Mune, Danielle Cormack, Matthew Sunderland

Producer: Robber’s Dog Film

Gregory King

Gregory King had worked as an actor, performance maker and casting director, before he turned to directing films in 1999. His first three shorts have been critically acclaimed and honoured internationally. His first feature project "Christmas" (2003) was screened in Official Selection at Locarno, Edinburgh and Toronto International Film Festivals. A SONG OF GOOD is his second feature.

Christmas (2003), A Song of Good (2008)

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Wednesday, 03. December 22:30
Von Krahli Teater
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