Burned Hearts
Al Koloub al Mouhtariqua Director: Ahmed El Maanouni

Amin, a young architect in Paris, returns to Fés in Morocco where his uncle is dying. He has not spoken to the uncle, the man who brought him up since he left Fés ten years earlier for studying and living in Paris. Uncle's death forces him to find answers within his soul. Amin's visit to the hospital reopens deep wounds of his painful childhood. His uncle's death doesn't take away his suffering, so he has to find the answers within himself. His old friend Aziz, a craftsman, advises him to bear no malice to his uncle.

"The film constantly operates on a double register: that of the visible lightness of the first level of the story and that of the deep graveness which runs through the narrative in half-tone."

Ahmed El Maanouni, director

Festivals and awards: Dubai, Rotterdam, Munich, Melbourne, Vancouver

Programme: Panorama

Country: Morocco
Year: 2007
Length: 84
Language: Arabic, English, French
Producer: Ahmd El Maanouni
Screenplay: Ahmed El Maanouni
Director: Ahmed El Maanouni
Cinematography: Pierre Boffety
Music: Mohamed Derhem, Aldelaziz Tahiri
Editor: Oussama Oussidhoum

Cast: Hicham Bahloul, Mohamed Derhem, Mohamed Marouazi, Az Al Arab Kaghat, Amal Setta

Producer: Rabii Film Productions/Sigma Technologies

Ahmed El Maanouni

Ahmed El Maanouni (b. 1944, Casablanca, Morocco) studied film in Brussels and theatre in Paris. He is the founding member of the Arab Filmmakers Association in France and of the Authors, Directors, Producers Group in Morocco. El Maanounin is also the representative for Europe of the Moroccan Chamber of Film Producers.

Alyam, Alyam! (Oh the Days!, 1978), Trances (1981, doc), Les Yeux du Golfe (1984), Moroccon Goumiers (1993), Al Koloub Al Mouhtariqua (Burned Hearts, 2007)

Tuesday, 02. December 16:00
Kosmos II (English subtitles)
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Friday, 05. December 22:30
Kosmos II (English subtitles)
Guest: Director Ahmed El Maanouni
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