O'Horten Director: Bent Hamer

Bent Hamer's unique blend of absurdist humour and aching melancholy has never worked better than in O' HORTEN, an arthouse charmer which should win over a new legion of specialised fans.

Hamer here employs his wonderfully deadpan sense of comedy which is somewhere between Aki Kaurismaki and Monty Python.

Central to O'HORTEN's success is Bård Owe, a veteran Norwegian actor based in Copenhagen who has worked with everyone from Carl Theodor Dreyer to Lars Von Trier (most memorably as Dr Bondo in "The Kingdom" series). Owe plays Odd Horten, a 67 year-old train driver and engineer who has spent his life on the railways and is facing retirement. His existence is one of comfortable old routines - he devotedly feeds the birds in his apartment, he owns a boat which he has always refused to sell, he regularly goes to see a lady friend Mrs Thogersen. He visits his senile old mother, a former ski-jumper, in a retirement home, lamenting the fact that he was too afraid to jump himself in his youth. But his calm life is unsettled the moment he retires. After a series of events, he decides to attempt a ski jump that would have made his mother proud.

O'HORTEN has been chosen by the Norwegian Oscar committee to represent Norway at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Festivals and awards: Cannes (Un Certain Regard), Melbourne, Karlovy Vary, Vancouver, Toronto
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Programme: Screen International Critics' Choice

Country: Norway, Germany, France
Year: 2007
Length: 90
Language: Norwegian
Producer: Bent Hamer
Screenplay: Bent Hamer
Director: Bent Hamer
Cinematography: John Christian Rosenlund
Music: Kaada
Editor: Pål Gengenbach

Cast: Bård Owe, Ghita Nørby, Espen Skjønberg, Henny Moan, Bjørn Floberg

Producer: Bul Bul Films

Bent Hamer

Bent Hamer (b. 1956, Sandefjord, Norway) studied film theory and literature at Stockholm University and the Stockholm Film School. He has directed short films and documentaries and is the co-owner of the production company BulBul Film. Two of his features, "Eggs" (1995) and "Kitchen Stories" (2003), had their international premieres in the Directors' Fortnight of the Festival de Cannes. O'HORTEN is his fifth full-length feature film.

Eggs (1995), En dag til i solen (Water Easy Reach, 1998), Salmer fra kjøkkenet (Köögilood, PÖFF 2003), Factotum (Faktootum, PÖFF 2005), O'Horten (2008)

Saturday, 29. November 20:00
Kino Rubiin (Estonian and English subtitles)
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Monday, 01. December 17:30
Sõprus (Estonian and English subtitles)
Guest: Actor Baard Owe
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Thursday, 04. December 22:30
Kumu auditoorium (English subtitles)
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