Vote for audience's favorite film!

Everyone who goes to a screening at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) will get a chance to have their say in voting for the audience favourite. All PÖFF main programme films screened in all festival towns will be competing for the award. 

The audience’s favourite film will be announced on 6 December at the PÖFF closing ceremony. A number of prizes from festival sponsors will be drawn there as well.
The city of Tallinn will give the director of audience’s favourite film a scholarship of 2000 euros. 

How do I vote?
• Voting is by SMS only.
• Sending the text message is free for EMT clients, the clients for other operators it is 3 kroons (€ 0,19)
• Send the text message to the number 13500 (valid for all network operators).
• Write the following in the body of the message:
POFF_yourfirstname_yourlastname_screening code (a 4-digit number)_yourrating
PLEASE NOTE: In the above, the symbol _ is a space, not an underscore!
• You can find the right screening code in the screening schedule, on your ticket stub, on EMT voting flyers and in the cinemas.
• If you do not enter your name in the message, your rating will be considered but you will not participate in prize drawings.
• Your rating must be on a scale of five (5) to 2 (two) where a 5 is an excellent (the highest) and 2 is poor (lowest).
• A little hint – if you save your first message, all you have to do is change the film code and rating for your next votes.
• If you still experience difficulties sending the message, please visit the PÖFF information desk for assistance. There is an information desk at every PÖFF cinema.
Voting ends on 6 December at 10:00

How is the best film determined?
• All of the ratings received by a film are averaged together to obtain the film’s final score.
• The film that gets the highest score wins, as long as it has received at least 50 viewer ratings.
• The points will be counted by the organizers under the vigilant supervision of volunteers.
• You can track the standings starting on Monday, 1 December on the PÖFF website,  

How does the drawing of awards take place?
• All messages sent in the correct format will automatically be entered in the drawing.
• The drawing will take place at the closing ceremony of the 12th annual Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival at the Russian Theatre. Keep your mobile phone switched on, we may be calling you that same evening!
• Messages sent by employees of the organizations involved in organizing Black Nights Film Festival, their family members and festival volunteers are not eligible to participate in the drawing.
• The final results of the audience voting will be posted on by 8 December 2008. That same day, the organizing committee will issue a press release on the final results and contact the winners personally.

prg. mart kalmo