Arabian Nights
Nuits d'Arabie Director: Paul Kieffer

When handsome young train conductor Georges first meets Yamina en route from Luxembourg City to Bettembourg, she is just a passenger whose ticket he needs to inspect. But the next day, she is aboard the train again, on the run from mysterious assailants. Yamina refuses to go to the police, so kindly Georges offers her a hiding place in his holiday cabin. As she shares her story, his compassion grows into fascination, friendship and maybe even love...

ARABIAN NIGHTS has been chosen by the Luxembourgian Oscar committee to represent Luxembourg at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Festivals and awards: Karlovy Vary, Ghent
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Programme: Panorama

Country: Luxembourg
Year: 2007
Length: 90
Language: Luxembourgish, French, Arabic
Producer: Claude Waringo
Screenplay: Paul Kieffer, Philippe Blasband
Director: Paul Kieffer
Cinematography: Jean-Louis Sonzogni
Music: Jeannot Sanavia
Editor: Thierry Faber

Cast: Jules Werner, Sabrina Ouazani

Producer: Samsa Film

Paul Kieffer

Paul Kieffer (b. 1957, Dudelange, Luxembourg) studied journalism in Strasbourg, worked as a journalist in RTL Luxembourg and freelanced. In 1986 he was a cofounder of production company Samsa Film. His first film "Die Reise das Land" in 1987, was co-directed with Frank Hoffmann, as was his "Schacko Klak" (1989). In 1993 Kieffer discovered stage and has since directed around 15 plays in various Luxembourgian theatres. He has also made documentaries, shorts and videos. ARABIAN NIGHTS is Kieffer's third full-length film.

Die Reise das Land (1987, co-dir), Schacko Klak (1989, co-dir), Nuits d'Arabie (Arabian Nights, 2007)

Friday, 28. November 18:30
Cinamon PÖFF I (English subtitles)
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Thursday, 04. December 23:00
Kosmos II (English subtitles)
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