Three Wise Men
Kolme viisasta miestä Director: Mika Kaurismäki

So far, Aki Kaurismäki's brother Mika has been best-known not for features but for his documentaries, which simply have come out better. This one is a feature film and it is an exception.

The plotline is stunningly simple: three men, all of them friends, who due to coincidence - happenstance in some sense, by determinism in another - end up in a bar on Christmas Eve to talk about love and life, aloneness, crime and punishment, forgiveness and understanding. This film opens in front of the viewer's eyes as the soul of a serious Finnish male: slowly but surely, with the person gaining depth in your eyes with each turn. Despite the years of friendship between these men, they have kept the truly important things from each other, buried in some crevice of their souls. The special Christmas Eve feeling, the impending fatherhood of one of the men, another man's recent loss of his wife, and the irremediable serious illness of a third create the kind of atmosphere where the soul according to temperament wants to either shout itself hoarse, or whisper in a hushed tone about what is haunting it. The men's conversations range from meditations on being a man to the Bible.

The excellent screenplay is supported by exact directing and great acting. A completely enjoyable psychological drama, with a profound subtext and philosophy, and no forced symbolism.

Tiina Lokk

Festivals and awards: Toronto
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Programme: Official Competition Programme EurAsia

Country: Finland
Year: 2008
Length: 95
Language: Finnish
Producer: Mika Kaurismäki
Screenplay: Mika Kaurismäki, Petri Karra
Director: Mika Kaurismäki
Cinematography: Rauno Ronkainen
Music: Mika Kaurismäki
Editor: Mika Kaurismäki

Cast: Kari Heiskanen, Pertti Sveholm, Timo Torikka, Irina Björklund, Tommi Eronen

Producer: Marianna Films Oy

Mika Kaurismäki

Mika Kaurismäki (b. 1955, Orimattila, Finland) studied at the Munich Academy for Television and Film in 1977-81. He has worked as a producer and director since 1980. The first film he shot in Brazil was "Amazon" in 1990, and he has lived partly in Rio de Janeiro since then. The new millenium started for Mika with the production of "Moro no Brasil" (2002, screened also at PÖFF), the praised documentary of Brazilian music. Mika Kaurismäki visited Tallinn in 2006 for the opening of Kumu Art Museum's auditorium where his "Brasileirinho" was screened.

Valehtelija (Liar, 1981), Saimaa-ilmiö (1981), Arvottomat (The Worthless, 1982), Klaani - tarina Sammakoitten suvusta (The Clain Tale of the Frogs, 1984), Pimeys odottaa (1985), Rosso (1985), Helsinki Napoli All Night Long (1987), Cha Cha Cha (1989), Paperitähti (Paper Star, 1989), Amazon (1990), Zombie ja kummitusjuna (Zombie and the Ghost Train, 1991), The Last Border (1993), Tigrero: elokuvaa joka ei valmistunut (Tigrero: A Film That Was Never Made, 1994), Condition Red (1995), L.A. Without a Map (1998), Highway Society (2000), Moro No Brasil (Brasiilia helid, PÖFF 2002), Honey Baby (2004), Brasileirinho (2005), Sonic Mirror (2008), Kolme viisasta miestä (Three Wise Men, 2008)

Tuesday, 02. December 20:00
Coca-Cola Plaza 2 (Estonian and English subtitles)
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Wednesday, 03. December 17:30
Sõprus (Estonian and English subtitles)
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Friday, 05. December 22:30
Athena Keskus (Estonian and English subtitles)
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