Animated feature 

USA 2008, 78’

Scr: Bill Plympton
Animation: Bill Plympton
Prod: Bill Plympton, Biljana Labovic
Technique: drawn

„Idiots and Angels” is a dark comedy by Bill Plympton. With film noir-like visuals and no dialogue, it not only dissects but dismembers human behaviour into grotesque details, creating a world sodden with Plymptonesque misanthropy. The film tells the story of a morally dissipated man whose life revolves around arms trading, bar-hopping and picking fights. One morning he discovers that he has sprouted wings that make him perform acts of goodness against his nature. After repeated attempts to conceal his wings, he is finally forced to “out” himself, which puts him in ludicrous situations. This is followed by a chilling sequence in which the main character cuts off his wings. As this proves fruitless, he soon finds himself in a situation where he has do battle against those who see his wings as a potential path to fame and fortune.

Bill Plympton (b 1946 in Portland, USA) is one of the best-known and productive american indie-animators. He graduated from Portland State University in Graphic Design and began his career creating cartoons for New York Times and Playboy. His recent works include short animated films trilogy „Guard Dog“, „Guide Dog“ and „Hot dog“ (first one was nominated for the Oscar in 2005) and feature animation „Idiots and Angels“. Several of his short and feature length animations have been screened at Animated Dreams since 1999 and in 2001 he was the member of festival’s jury.

prg. mart kalmo