BE on Demand – VOD the future?

Baltic Event Industry Day keeps you updated – newest trends, technologies, business opportunities. This year we focus on Video-on-Demand platform which plays a big role in creating the future of media. BE on demand.

10:00 - 10:30 - Opening of Industry Day, Robert Bosch Fund presentation
10:30 - 11:30 - Trends
11:30 - 12:30 - Business opportunities
12:30 - 14:00 - Down-to-Earth

TRENDS - what viewers like now and will love tomorrow what are new trends in video/film consumption – widely driven by consumer habits of the internet generation. what effects it can have on traditional media companies. what are the directions of development.
presentation by claus bülow christiansen (TomorrowsNextMediaConsultancy), followed by Q&A session 
moderated by: john dick (media)

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - VoD business in general market
overview of internet based & digital film distribution channels - what kind of new (VoD) content provision services are available. what kind of business models the Hollywood studios follow. what kind of opportunities are there for European producers at this moment. role of VoD in the future.
presentation by livia bus & andrea di tonto (belanski films), followed by Q&A session moderated by: john dick (media)

DOWN-TO-EARTH - service + technology + legal in reality
short presentation of a legal expert about the right issues of VoD, how Hollywood studios handle online rights, threats of online piracy self-introduction of 3 VoD service providers/sales agent companies, conversation - what they do, what they offer for producers/sales agents, what technological requirements they have (film formats, etc.) and the legal aspects of their business

short presentations by:
legal aspects by claus bülow christiansen (TomorrowsNextMediaConsultancy) 
VoD service providers and sales agents:
* niels aalbek jensen (movieeurope)
* livia bus & andrea di tonto (belanski films)
* bruno atlan (UniversCine)
* paul-kristjan lilje (elion)
followed by guided conversation combined with Q&A
moderated by: john dick (media)

Presentations by:

Belanski Films, Hungary
Livia Bus, Head of Film Partnership
Andrea Di Tonto, Marketing and Communication Strategies
Belanski Films is a new and innovative world sales & distribution company focusing on internet based and digital media platforms, including television and video. We make sure that the films we represent ’get out of the box’ and they find their worldwide audience as we exploit new distribution channels and place a strong emphasis on marketing. Dedicated to arthouse cinema, we currently represent a library of over 100 titles of quality features, shorts and documentaries across all genre.  

Movieurope, Denmark
Niels Aalbek Jensen

Movieurope is FIDD - Filmmakers' Independent Digital Distribution's portal for European film. FIDD is building the infrastructure that brings the European Film Industry into a global digital world. FIDD is passionately working to optimize the European filmmakers earning potential by developing new tools for effective digital distribution, reducing the value chain and revitalizing and maturing premium- and back catalogue films for world-wide sales. FIDD is founded January 10th 2005. FIDD is co-owned by more than 160 of the leading European Filmmakers from 14 EU countries.  

UniversCine, France
Bruno Atlan, Marketing and International Development Manager

UniversCine is a French VoD company, launched in 2001 and entirely owned by close to 50 French independent producers and distributors. UniversCine wishes to promote an open and collaborative approach for VoD distribution of independent films in Europe and therefore has structured its activities around three core competencies :
*agregator of VoD rights on feature films (back catalogues and new releases) from international independent film producers, distributors and right-holders
*distributor of VoD rights to the major VoD distributors/operators in France
*editor/publisher of a VoD platform with a qualitative, diversified and rich offer
Supported by the Media Programme for 2008, UniversCine has broadened its project in order to mobilize right-holders throughout Europe and build a network of VoD platforms dedicated to independent cinema.  

Elion, Estonia
Paul Lilje, Content Services Manager

Elion is the largest telecommunications and IT provider in Estonia owned by AS Eesti Telekom, listed at the stock exchanges of Tallinn and London. The major shareholder of Eesti Telekom with 60,12% is TeliaSonera. Elion provides comprehensive household and business communication services and holds a market leader position in Estonia in fixed network calls, in Internet subscriptions, data communication solutions and digital television. Elion owns Estonia’s most popular Internet portals NETI and
Elion's digiTV Elion is the largest digital television provider in Estonia as its service is used by 75,400 households all over Estonia. Elion´s digital television is a complex home entertainment service - besides a standard TV program it includes theme packages, digital radio stations, Video on Demand and Picture Album, games and myTV solutions will be added soon. One of the most important drivers of growth and surplus value of Elion’s digiTV is Video on Demand service, containing today more than 800 Estonian and foreign movies, broadcasts, music videos and free of charge conference lectures.  

TomorrowsNextMedia Consultancy, Denmark
Claus Bülow Christensen, Owner, Senior Consultant
Claus Bülow Christensen has a broad background in both the Danish media and telco industry, having had leading positions at both the Danish public service station, TV 2, as well as at the Scandinavian IPTV and triple play company, Bredbandsbolaget (B2 Bredband). He is today a self-employed consultant in his company, TomorrowsNextMedia Consultancy, that focuses on business strategies for digital media distribution, with clients within both the media industry and the telco sector. TomorrowsNextMedia Consultancy is also working with implementing user friendly technology concepts for The Digital Home, as the company has a strong focus on usability for the emerging digital lifestyle.  

MEDIA Programme, Belgium
John Dick

MEDIA 2007 (2007 - 2013) is a seven-year programme of the European Union to strengthen the competitiveness of the European film, TV and new media industries and to increase international circulation of European audiovisual products. MEDIA programme supports professional training (screenwriting, business and new technologies), project development (single/slate), and the distribution and promotion of European audiovisual works.  

Presentation of Robert Bosch Foundation
Frank Albers, Program Officer, Society and Culture
Enrico Battaglia, Project Coordinator of the Co-Production Prize
Established in 1964, the Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH is one of the major German foundations associated with a private company. It represents the philanthropic and social endeavors of Robert Bosch (1861-1942) and fulfills his legacy in a contemporary manner. The Robert Bosch Stiftung works predominantly in the fields of International Relations, Health and Education. Between 1964 and 2007, the foundation has made available approximately 840 million euros for projects. In 2007, approximately 58.9 million euros were spent on project funding.  

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