9th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers
From 13 to 16 November 2008 in Von Krahl Theatre and Cinema Sõprus in Tallinn


The 9th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers has announced the winners!

International student film competition programme

Grand Prix was was given to Reto Caffi for his short fiction film "On the Line". The jury found it a true cinematic masterpiece emphasizing moral issues of guilt and civil courage.

The prize for the best documentary went to Olga Popova's "In the Theme" as it takes balls to be simple, especially when dealing with big themes like fear and love.

The prize for the best animation was given to Edward Barrett's "Man Up" because some stories can only be animated but to give them character, humor and edge requires a true master.

The prize for the best fiction film went to Mikko Kuparinen for "Truth of Dare". The jury pointed out that the lack of communication is an universal issue but somehow the Finns seem to understand it more deeply than others.

The jury also announced three special mentions for Hüseyin Tabak's short fiction film "CHEEESE...", Mihai Grecu's experimental film "Coagulate" and Tobias Bilgeri's animation "About Love, Hate and the Other One"

Estonian short film competition programme

The award of the best Estonian short film was given to Priit Pääsuke for his short fiction film "Black Peter".

Special mentiones from the jury were earned by Andrew Bond for the short fiction film "Obsession" and Riho Unt for the animation "Lili".



Today at Sleepwalkers:

Yesterday we finished up with the Estonian short film competition programme, but there's still possibility to see the last international student film competition programme "Orange" today: Croatian, Polish, Mexican, Indian, South Korean, German, Hungarian, Israeli and UK film/animation student's works. "Dear World" (Kei Ishikawa) tells a story of the end of the world, where the only hope is the though about 42nd zone. "Track Change" (Virag Zomboracz) brings to mind Balkan and regions around it tricks and absurd with a warming feeling; "The Conservatory" (Matilda Tristram) will finish up the international competition programmes with a good humour sense.

In addition we continue with our special programmes: Turkish shorts (along with representative of Ankara International Film Festival, Kivanc Yalciner) and selection of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (with Laurent Guerrier, programmer of CF) and as it has become a custom we will wrap up the night with Ingmar Bergmans feature film. This time - "Cries and Whispers".

Already tonight the winners of the festival will be announced and the closing ceremony will take place in Von Krahl Theatre after which Sleepwalkers will be officially sent away with AWAKENING-PARTY in Krahl's bar. Performers: M.i.M. ja Malena.

Everyone is welcomed to WAKE UP together with us!
See You at the party,



Today at Sleepwalkers:

The screenings of international student film competition programme and Estonian short film competition programme continue in cinema Sõprus and Von Krahl Theatre. In addition, there are several special screenings: Best of 2007 of Sleepwalkers, Estonian music videos and Ingmar Bergman's "To Say Nothing About These Women".

As part of the international student film competition, it will be possible to see awarded films such as "On the Line" (Reto Caffi), "In the Theme" (Olga Popova) and crazyfun "My Love Lives in the Sewer" (Manuel Arija). About the last one - You'll have a great chance to learn a lot more about use of microwave and loo. Also Mikko Kuparinen's last film "Truth or Dare" and films from Argentina and Mexico, next to many others, will be shown!

In the frames of the Estonian short film competition programme, the "Obsession" (Andrew Bond) will simply take you to the space and "How To Kiss A Dead Girl" (Monica Bravo) will give a nice reminder of 1990-s in Estonia. Many more and new follow!

The evening will bring along a special event TRAM-GOES-ROUND-ROUND: at 22.10 sharp a special Sleepwalkers tram is departuring from Vabaduse väljak (Freedom square) in direction of Kadriorg-Kopli-Balti jaam. Grab your favourite drink, warm clothes and a good sandwitch with you and let's drive ourselves to the Sleepwalkers Land. Everyone is welcomed!

Don't forget to check out our blog (in Estonian), where Martti and Rasmus are writing about their festival emotions.

Come and let the stress go!



Today the screenings continue after a great opening! Tonight: Full Moon party at bar JUUKSUR: Dj Fläba, the Jinxers, Daria & Cool (R2 KAABEL). Free entrance to all!


Opening party: Night of Dreams in Von Krahl today! Start at 22.30!

Agent M, Junk Riot, DJ Jass Seljamaa & Ats Luik, Kinoteek special feat Anima: Heilika Pikkov, Elen Lotman, Martina Tramberg & Jim Ashilevi, VJ Faze, VJ Martu, students from Estonian Art Academy etc. 


Sleepwalkers' catalogue is ready. You can download it here.


The trailer of the 9th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers is now ready. Take a look at it.


From 3-11 November Sleepwalkers is on tour with Animated Dreams in different Estonian universities to give an idea of what will become of the dark film nights of November.

3rd November - Tallinn University of Technology
4th November - TLÜ Baltic Film and Media School
5th November - Tartu Art College
6th November - TLÜ Estonian Institute of Humanities
11th November - Estonian Art Academy

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